About Us

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History, Purpose, & Funding

Your ICCOA was established in 1977.  It is a private, non-profit organization operating under guidelines regulated by the Older Americans Act and the Region 9 Area Agency on Aging. The purpose of the organization is to promote the health, welfare, and independence of senior citizens through in-home services, center activities, and various programs. We are funded by federal, state, and local funds, as well as grants and donations.


Your ICCOA is governed by a nine member board of directors: four elected, four appointed, and one representative from the Iosco County Board of Commissions. Our board members:

Józef Drozdowski—Chairperson

Jay Maddock—Vice Chairperson

Barbara Kaye—Secretary/Treasurer

Rob Huebel—Iosco County Board of Commisioners Representative

Beverley McFaul—Director

Ronald Kaye—Director

Cindy Fleming---Director



Administrative Staff

Central Office staff manage the operations of all services and
centers throughout Iosco County. Your ICCOA administrative staff:

Dale Evilsizer—Executive Director

Kathy Freitag—Assistant Executive Director

Carol Barnes--Administrative Assistant

To contact us:

PO Box 160

Hale, MI 48739

Iosco County 

Commission on Aging

Promoting the Well-Being of Older Adults in Iosco County